Solutions for Pain Management

ChronicPainPain can be debilitating for those who suffer from chronic pain, muscle pain and/or nerve pain. These are often the result of accidents or chronic conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. Patients with chronic pain suffer on a daily basis and rely on prescription drug medications to improve their quality of life.

Unfortunately, many commonly prescribed pain relief medications cause stomach irritation, drowsiness, or other unwanted side effects. And, with rising concern over the addictive nature of many prescription pain medications, treatment options seem slim.

There is a Better Solution!

Pharmacy compounding provides a customized option for personalized pain relief with fewer side effects and less overall medication. Compounding can also provide alternate methods of delivery by combining the active ingredients of traditional oral pain medication into topical dosage forms.

At Barths Pharmacy, we accomplish this customized care through the use of transdermal preparations that are capable of supporting multiple classes of drugs. This enhances penetration and subsequent delivery of the drugs across the skin barrier. It also allows for a noninvasive, convenient, localized and side effect free mechanism for pain relief.